Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Update on the kids, 2016

So everyone has been asking: 'how are the kids?' 'want to see what's going on with the kids!' 'bet they're getting big! what's new with the kids?'
okay, okay here is a nice dose of things to make you smile:

Baby goats are very busy.  There is always something that needs exploring, tasting, or to be fluffed up and laid on for naps.  It's funny how they never walk anywhere but rather race and bounce where ever they go.

Buddy finds a bug.
At a few weeks old they were ready to go outside and explore.  Moma laid quietly in the shade while Grandma babysat.  Up until about 12 weeks old, most of the babies' diet consisted of mama's milk (with a little extra from Grandma).  They watch mom carefully to see what's good to eat and what to leave alone.  But like all babies, they're constantly mouthing and playing with all sorts of stuff they find in the play yard.
They grow fast.  More to come.

Friday, September 16, 2016

September, where does the time go?

I'm always a little surprised when I realize that another month has slipped by and we're sailing into a new season.  Summer was very dry this year.  Central New York has areas that have been deemed drought zones, including My Happy Acres.  We've been fortunate that our well hasn't gone dry but we also make an effort to conserve water whenever possible.
The garden was not planted as heavily as last year.  We have lots of plum tomatoes.  Unlike last year, the poblano peppers are doing really well.  We have enough to enjoy fresh yet enough to freeze and enjoy this winter.  When you want to add a flavorful, yet sometimes spicy kick to you meal, substitute the bland green bell pepper with a poblano.  It's a real flavor treat!  (for recipes, check this out.)
Of course, it wouldn't be Summer without fresh green beans and fresh three bean salad.  One of our favorite parts of Summer are all the cool summer salads.  Such a shame to see the season come to an end.  Our dog is also very fond of fresh green beans so I have to be watchful when the bucket is being brought in from the garden.  He gets a few, but only when I give them to him.
The apples are almost ready for harvest.  The Galas should be ready in the next day or two and promise to be extra sweet this year.  Gala apples are one of the choice apples for making traditional apple crisps and sweet apple pies.  They retain their shape, yielding a sweet, lovely flavor to your baked goods.  If you have a favorite apple, get your reservation in soon before they're sold out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New babies first pictures, 2016

I don't think anyone wants to see those pictures of the babies just as they're being born, but you might like to see those sweet little faces, happy and content in their world.
Our first born, a precious baby girl

Second born, a constantly hungry baby boy

Number three, a baby boy, is now much stronger and more inquisitive than his siblings.

Fluffy, showing off her much thinner self, wanting to know why I'm taking pictures rather than giving her more sweet feed.