Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Update on the kids, 2016

So everyone has been asking: 'how are the kids?' 'want to see what's going on with the kids!' 'bet they're getting big! what's new with the kids?'
okay, okay here is a nice dose of things to make you smile:

Baby goats are very busy.  There is always something that needs exploring, tasting, or to be fluffed up and laid on for naps.  It's funny how they never walk anywhere but rather race and bounce where ever they go.

Buddy finds a bug.
At a few weeks old they were ready to go outside and explore.  Moma laid quietly in the shade while Grandma babysat.  Up until about 12 weeks old, most of the babies' diet consisted of mama's milk (with a little extra from Grandma).  They watch mom carefully to see what's good to eat and what to leave alone.  But like all babies, they're constantly mouthing and playing with all sorts of stuff they find in the play yard.
They grow fast.  More to come.

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