Our older flock of chickens are Americaunas.  They get a wholesome diet of fresh feed and lots of pasture greens.  This type chicken produces a large, lovely blue shelled egg.
Robin eggs compared to Ameraucanas eggs

Meet the family

The attractive, young, silver cock-of-the-rock on the right is Party Boy.  Originally named for his party horn sounding crow, he now sounds as strong as any rooster in the barnyard.  The two cinnamon buff hens are his sisters from the same hatch.  Recognized by their cheek muffs and pea comb, these chickens are Ameraucanas.
When we first got the Ameraucanas, the head of the family and chief chicken was Sandy.  He was a big boy for an Ameraucana but don't let the bluster fool you.  Sandy was a lover and not a fighter.  Like their father, his children all have lovely dispositions.

The Girls, class of 2012
The girls in the class of 2012 are from left to right: Inky, Henny, Molly, Missy, Goldie, and Lil' Miss.  Some of these girls are still with us, such as Inky and Missy.  Others are now just fond memories.

Out in the pasture, are the Buckeyes.  This older breed is one of the only American breed of chicken known to have been developed by a woman (Nettie Metcalf, to read more).  It is considered to be a duel purpose breed (eggs and meat).  What we have found attractive is that the Buckeye is one of the few breeds that actively hunt mice and other vermin. 

Bucky Rooster

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