Monday, July 9, 2012

How does your garden grow?

As you walk the garden in the early morning, take a look at what's growing there.  A few seeds pressed in the soil quickly take root when given a bit of water and room to grow.   Depending on the concentration of little plants springing to life, it is sometimes necessary to thin these so that the remaining plants will grow big and healthy.  Before you discard the sprouts, remember: There are all sorts of tasty greens out there for those who are willing to try new things.  As you thin the garden some of those tiny vegies can be delicious in salads or in stirfries.

Baby Beets waiting to be thinned

Giant White Kohlrabi
Kohlrabi and Swiss chard are in the cabbage family however are very mild tasting
Multi colored Swiss Chard

 Baby beets, swiss chard, radishes, and kohlrabi can all add a spark of color, taste, and texture to your vegetable plate!  Some vegetables such as kohlrabi can be too tough and fiber-y to eat once they mature however are quite good when small. 

Speaking of delicious, keep an eye open for squash and zuccini blossoms.  Periodically harvest the blossoms with its tiny vegetable growing on it.  These can be eaten raw, put into stirfries, or dipped in a bit of batter and deep fried (not the healthiest way to make these, but tasty all the same). 

All the tomatoes are doing wonderfully!  We use soaker hoses the periodically give garden a gentle drink in the evening without wasting water.  By using soaker hoses or drip lines one can direct the water to where you want it and reduce run off.  Clean fresh water is a finite resource, treat it respectfully.  

Tomatoes are growing strong

 oh, and yes, the cucumbers are already producing flowers.  Sidebar: don't be fooled by the small size.  Although they are producing blossoms now what I have learned in previous years is over the course of a few short weeks, these will be growing prolifically.  Don't give up!  Have a little faith!

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