Monday, August 6, 2012

There are somethings in this world that never get old.  This morning's sky was as bright as a robin's egg.  The rains have cooled the world down to the point that it is comfortable enough again to venture out.  Wild flowers are exploding out all over and tiny blades of grass are struggling to get established.  Of course the cooler conditions also have encouraged the moths and butterflies into action. 

Black and Tiger Swallowtails drift and flutter every where.  It's fun to watch the dogs dance about on their hind legs as they reach and prance as they attempt to capture their elusive foe.

I found this on YouTube this morning and thought that you also may enjoy it.  Many of the butterflies featured are the same ones that presently grace our pastures.

Nothing teaches patience like waiting for one's tomatoes to ripen to perfection.  Each morning, I wander out and carefully peak at each one (ready?  not yet.  Ready?  no yet).  Each year I think I have planted enough tomatoes however each year I find that nothing beats the flavor of a fresh from the garden beauty.  We still can and sauce quite a few however keep our fingers crossed that we have enough. 

Since you asked, yes, the chickies are all doing well.  Fresh water and plenty of shade has kept everyone reasonably comfortable.  Our lover boy roosters have been very attentive making sure that everyone knows where to find the choice bits, even nicely sharing those special snacks (fresh from the refridgerator).  I have found that they especially love cucumber seeds and peels, which I am more than glad to save for them.  Aside from their free choice from the pasture, we also share our vegetable scraps with them.  This provides some extra nutrition and variety to their diets.  Besides: everyone enjoys a cool treat when it's hot outside and the chickies are no different.

Don't forget to visit and support your local Farmers Market.  In many parts of the country farmers are struggling to stay afloat.  Please help them out and buy local.

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