Thursday, September 13, 2012

Signs of Fall

Have you noticed a change in the air?  Perhaps a whiff of drying leaves or a blush of frost tinging the dew on the morning grass? 
Signs of Autumn are subtle this time of year.  A few leaves tinted unexpectedly.  Golden rod and purple aster flag their colorful plumes in the cool morning breeze.  The last monarchs of summer begin to gather and make their way south.  Birds, such as the Canada goose, also gather and begin to feed, building their fat stores for the long flight to warmer, milder places.

As you walk in the wood, pause and listen.  The deer are beginning to gather.  Be cautious at the sounds of rattling antlers.  The male deer are establishing their places and have little tolerance for interlopers.  Also be cautious when walking in areas where people hunt.  Before walking down an inviting path, be sure to ask the land owner or manager permission.  Not only is this good manners, but could keep you or your pet from being mistaken for a deer by a hunter lying in wait.

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