Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year from My Happy Acres

Winter has settled on My Happy Acres, putting the land and forest to a nice cool sleep.  As you recall, this last Summer was quite dry so seeing the snows come are a relief to many of us concerned about our wells and ground water reserves.  Besides, it's quite pretty to enjoy either out in it or from a warm window.

I understand that snow is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea but it does serve an important purpose.  Snow protects the ground from evaporation, keeping it warm while harsh winds blow.  Remember those lovely snow flakes?  They start their lives out as a bit of dust, soot, or other mucky bits blowing about in the air.  As water condenses on the surface, ice begins to form, creating the lovely patterns we are all familiar with.  (Want to see some cool pictures?  Go to: )

As the snow slowly melts, it gently percolates down into the soil, slowly watering and rejuvenating the land.  Deep water tables are replenished over time.  Without snow,  the water tables would dry up along with rivers, ponds, and lakes.  (Want to read more?  See how nature makes snow and how man made snow makers work at:

Everyone enjoys Winter in his own way.  Some like to ski.  Some like to build forts and snowmen.  Snow mobiling is very popular in Central New York and is sometimes a necessity although we are blessed with living on a road that gets plowed semi-regularly.  Personally, we have found that snow shoeing is a nice way to quietly enjoy the snow fall. 
Whatever you decide, enjoy the company of friends and family, and have a blessed New Year.

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