Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chickenland update

So what's going on?  Why haven't we heard from you?  Well things are brewing in Chickenland!  The girls are all laying like mad and look like they are getting ready for Spring (who isn't after all this snow?).

Each day as I collect eggs, I've been inspecting them, setting aside those that I'd like to try to hatch.  Before you comedians out there start cracking wise about me making a nest in my living room or sitting on a bunch of eggs while watching TV reruns, I have an incubator set up in one of the darker rooms in the house.  This is an experiment.  We'll see what the girls produce.  With any luck, we'll have some peepers by April.

Stay tuned.  I'll tell you all about it soon...

Sandy & Goldie

Sandy has grown to be my big beautiful boy.  He is very affectionate with the girls and tolerate of my comings and goings to Chickenland.  He rules the roost with a gentle peck.  Our other rooster, Junior, is slightly smaller, understanding that he is second in command to provide 'support services' if Sandy calls for him.  
When the winter light began to fade, the volume of eggs gradually dropped off to one or two eggs per day.  We keep a heat lamp near the waterer for supplimental warmth however everyone gets all snuggled in on the roost making the lamp almost unnecessary.  When outside temps are in the twenty's, the chickenhouse is a nice warm 40F.  Now that the days are lengthening, the girls are giving us five or six eggs per day. On the warmer days, we open up the house to the outside yard, however the girls are content to mearly look out the door at the snow rather than venture out into it.

Now everyone is settling down into the next boxes.  We'll see what comes.

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