Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hatching, day 20

What do I hear?  What do I see?  A rocking egg?  A tiny peep-peep-peep calling out from that shell?  I may be a little silly, but I've been talking to them every day.

"Ladies, this is me.  I'll be your mom when you come out.  It's a happy, friendly place.  You'll have a snug little bed and fresh clover to eat.  Enjoy your naps cause soon it will be time to wakey! wakey!"

Just a year ago, my big boy Sandy was a wee little fuzzball along with his brothers and sisters.  Hard to believe.  For now, we listen for the babies to call for mom.

Peep!  Peep!  Don't go to sleep!  When you wake up we'll be here!

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