Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A good day to stay inside

What does cold look like?  Most of the country is hunkered down in zero and subzero temperatures.  The smart ones stay inside. The rest of us, have chores to do that take us out into that wicked wind.
Frozen waterers need to be freed from ice.  The girls are all looking for some scratch to warm their bellies.  I've been pleasantly surprised by how many eggs the girls have been putting out despite the weather.  The infrared lamp in the hen house helps to supliment heat on even the most bone chilling days. 
The girls have extra hay to cuddle into if necessary however appear to prefer making what we call 'the chicken pile'.  This is where all the girls snuggle together in a great big pile, taking turns at being at the bottom where it's warm.  It's funny to see best friend hens (Missy, Inky, and Lil'Miss or Amy, Jet, and Dusty) all preening each other, all happy as can be.

Stay warm.  Dress in layers.  Keep dry.  Above all, stay safe from the cold.  and don't forget to cuddle up with a friend.

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