Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Promises of Spring

The cold weather has paused, indicating that just maybe Spring will make a feeble effort to make its presence known.   The few areas on the lawn and pasture where the grass is now exposed, warm quickly in the sunshine and become magnets for all sorts of critters.  Tiny insects swarm over these, which attracts numerous bluebirds.   Earthworms stick their fleshy noses out of the dirt, only to become prey to Flickers and flocks of Robins heading home.  Mice and voles daringly venture out of their winter tunnels beneath the snow to check for bits of green, while they too become a quick meal for a passing hawk or fox.

We're ready for Spring


Sarah Lynn said...

Bluebirds! I'm jealous. We don't have very many bluebirds around here. I'm going to get some mealworms and a tray feeder and see if I can't attract a few this year.

My Happy Acres said...

my chickens would quickly figure out how to get into the tray feeder if I put out mealworms.

one year, when we lived in the midwest, the snow was so deep that a drift went up to the base of the feeder (drift was about 4 feet). when I looked out in the morning to refill it, I saw that the feeder was full of bunnies. All the little neighborhood cottontails had come over for breakfast. We don't have a birdfeeder here, however make a point to leave enough wild foods and seeds that the wildlife can fend for themselves throughout the winter without too much difficulty.