Monday, June 9, 2014

Babies first day out

 Life on the farm is a never ending adventure.  There is really no such thing as down time or idle moments, only brief respites between tasks.  One continuously plans, schedules, and executes.   All that said, that does mean we don't have moments of fun.  This last Winter while biting winds howled, DH built a new chicken tractor for the new members of the family.  Fourteen new chicks arrived in May. 
With the warmer weather, the little troopers are now ready to move from their chick box inside, to their new home outside.  Like a mother watching her children go into the playlot for the first time, the umbrella and chair have been set up close enough to keep an eye on things, yet far enough away for them to brave the big wide world...sort of.

Last fall we bent some pipes to make row covers and hoop houses.  Using a few left over half circles, we attached these to a floating frame.  This frame can easily be moved around from one grassy place to another, providing extra protection to the babies from the beasties that see them as snacks and toys.  While the chicks explore their new home, we keep watch.
What's also nice is that this hoop frame easily joins to the chicken tractor.  As their house is moved from place to place, the frame can also provide a little extra shade and security.  Watching babies grow up is better than TV.

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Sarah Lynn said...

I very much enjoyed your post today, Rebecca. That picture of the chicken house with its shaded run, and chair with its colorful umbrella, made me smile and smile at my screen. :-)