Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Oh Christmas tree: goat style

There are a number of Christmas tree farms nearby.  One of our favorites is just up the road.  The Beckwith Christmas tree farm has a variety of Christmas trees available both fresh and fresh cut.  They also have the cutest caboose giftshop and warming booth I've ever seen.

Let's talk about the goats: we're very careful about what the girls get for treats.  There are so many things out there that may seem innocent enough, but can make a goat sick in a heartbeat.   Nuff said.  When we were offered wreath and tree trimmings, we were delighted.  After carefully inspecting for anything troublesome (none), choice morsels were selected, and brought out to the girls grazing in the pasture.
The babies had never seen or smelled these before.  Within five minutes of smelling then tossing boughs around, Jellybean decided that they were too tasty to just use for toys.  Yummy! 

After a good roll in the cuttings, the girls now have a lovely pine fresh scent.  Could be worse I suppose.

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