Monday, March 9, 2015

Fort Chicken

with all the snow we've been getting lately, it wasn't any time at all before the chicken yard was buried beneath a couple of feet of snow.  It was so sad to see the little chicken girls peeking over the drift  that had pushed against their door.
 Breaking up the drifts into small, shovel sized blocks it took around an hour to clear a play area approximately 8x6.
 Bit-by-bit, the blocks were carefully placed to make a four foot wall surrounding the play yard.  While constructing, I was thinking about the snow forts we made when we were kids.  To make clearing the driveways and sidewalks more like a game, we would carefully cut snow blocks with our shovels and stack them one-after-another on either side forming a great hallways.  When the work was done, we'd take the blocks and build turrets and fortifications.
Fort Ameraucana is ready.  Release the chickens!

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