Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring has sprung...for the moment

The weather has warmed up rapidly.  Hard to believe that only a month ago the goats and chickens were bouncing around in the snow.
Franny mugging for the camera
 The girls have all been enjoying their time outdoors. As soon as breakfast is woofed down, they're busting out the back door and down the lane to their pasture.  We've been exploring different items to be used as toys.  Although based on our experience, nearly everything can be a toy.
The tie down straps to the portable goat house, that took us the better part of an hour to winch down, took them all of ten minutes to pop off and proceed to toss about the paddock.  The bucket of hay to supplement their forage is tons of fun to dump out and, while your sisters roll around in the straw, boot and butt the bucket, while jumping on and off the up tuned bottom.  The old wooden spool that at one time held wire (sans wire, of course) is not only a good perch but also an excellent way to scratch one's belly while preventing your sisters from playing with it.
Jellybean insisting that the weather is far to nice to wear a coat, as she helps me unzip mine.
At the end of the day, the little goat girls all come in for their dinner.  After their good night cookie, curl up for happy goat dreams.  Dreaming of further adventures tomorrow.

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