Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Hatchday 2015

Little chickies are peep-peep-peeping.  So far there are six eggs rocking, one completely hatched, and a few with little windows (and tiny beaks protruding) pecked out.

Tomorrow we should have an incubator full of little fuzzballs.

...and yes, I know, the pictures are a little fuzzy.  It's not easy to get a digital camera to focus through a window without removing the glass.  Keeping the heat in and the babies safe and toasty, I'll just have to live with some grainy photos.  8D


Kat Scribner said...

oh my goodness. I'm still getting an education. I don't recall ever seeing a chick in an egg. and what's the attracting to goats that faint?

My Happy Acres said...

I think everyone should see chicks hatching at least once in their lives. Some state fairs have chicks hatching in the 4H Poultry areas. You may want to see if your state offers this special exhibit.
Our goats are not fainters. Myotopic are smaller than Boers and, generally speaking, easier to maintain and handle than Boers. It is believed that the 'fainting' is due to uncontrolled muscle contractions that occur when the animal is startled. Their nerves continue to respond normally and the animal remains conscious during its fainting spell.