Sunday, February 14, 2016

How cold is it? Feb 2016

I was amazed.  By the end of 2015 we had had just a scant bit of snow, leaving Winter to look like a bust.  Since then the temps have been all over the map.  Up into the 40s and 50s, then plummeting into the teens and less.
 I counted our blessings when we only got about 18" last week, barely missing the bulk of a storm that dropped over three feet of snow just 20 minutes east of us.  Once the wind laid, DH was able to get out and clear a small area for the goat girls to play in (no fun to drag pregnant tummies in the deep snow).  I wish I had my camera as they bounced and froliced around him, so happy to see him, so happy to get outside to play!
The weather changed abruptly.  Bitter temps and high winds caused dangerous conditions for all the beings on the farm.  Extra hay was added to all the coops and stalls, providing protection and a nice warm bed to snuggle down into with friends and family.
How cold is it?  Air temps averaged 3F yesterday.  This morning, the thermometer indicated that it was -11F. So how cold is it?  It was cold enough to take a warm egg out from under a hen, and, by the time it took to walk with it back to the house, it had froze and cracked. 
Holy CATS!  That's cold.
I think it may be a good day to find warm things to do inside the house.

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