Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another afternoon with the Rounders

I'm always amazed by how fast babies grow.  In less than a year, a puppy no bigger than a loaf pan can look crowded laying across the truck's backseat.  Chicks that were just wee little fuzzballs two months ago are now vying for attention with the adults.
I have to laugh about certain behaviors.  Amy, for example, is as friendly as her mom, Missy, and also does the head cock that her mom does when looking at something she finds interesting.  I am unsure of the parentage of the others however based on certain colors feel I may have a pretty good guess.  But, since I don't know what their grandparents looked like, it's only a guess.
Domino and Fred
All of Domino's behaviors are suggesting that she is a he, as is Pogo.  I frequently find those two going belly to belly to establish top dog, err, chick.  Domino is also now the largest of the group.  Buster and Fred are keeping a low profile, letting everyone work out their issues.  This is what their father did while the feathers flew among their male siblings.
Robin, Jet, and Amy were all buddies when little.  Everywhere one went, the others were soon on the scene.  When Amy went exploring up and down the roost, Jet and Robin were playing follow-the-leader right behind.  The three musketeers are still close and frequently can be found preening and dusting together.
Jet and Robin
The abundance of strawberries has allowed us to share some as a treat with our feathered friends.  Some clearly would rather have the green part, leaving the red fruit for someone else to enjoy.  The chicks all understand that they are to wait until the adults have their fill before they can step forward and have some tasties.  So no one is left out, I do my best to spread the leaves and berries across the yard.  The grownups then can enjoy their snacks in peace and the youngsters can tussle all they like.

Sidebar about boys and girls: much to my amusement, many experts have come forward to tell me how to tell the difference between the boys and girls.  The latest informed me that:
1.) boys hold their tails up.  Girls hold their tails down.  and 2.) boys have combs.  Girls do not.
Goldie, Inky, and Lil Miss
All I can say is don't tell my girls...

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