Friday, June 28, 2013

Something pretty I wanted to share part 5

While walking about the farm, I noticed that the delicate flowers of Spring have all faded away, yielding to the showier Summer flowers.  All of these flowers have come up on their own without any intervention on our part.  Perhaps many years ago, someone discarded a dried up pot or an animal or bird deposited a seed.  Who knows?  Regardless, they're nice to find like little treasures along the path...
reminds me of a morning glory blossom

This is really one of those times I wish my camera would pick up the colors more accurately than it does.  The pink of the Morning Glory type blossom is a vivid deep pink yet the little bells are a dark purple (not as dark as the clematis however).
As I watch the bees buzzing about, it got me wondering about what they see.  A human has very limited vision and can only see within a tiny portion of the light spectrum.  I found an article online that included some pictures.  The simple dandelion has taken on a whole new meaning.

Watch your feet!  Sometimes the prettiest ones are easy to miss.  Each of these clusters are about the size of a nickle. 

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