Friday, August 1, 2014

Children of the Corn

No this is not a story about some creepy, spooky children in some isolated town in the country.  This is a little story about the first sweet corn of the season and how good life can be...
Although we don't grow sweet corn at My Happy Acres, we are happy to refer people to the farm stand just down the road from us for some of the finest, freshest, most delicious sweet corn grown in New York.
What makes this corn so good, is it's almost guaranteed that the corn you purchase right now, was picked less than just a few hours ago.  That means that those lovely complex sugars have not started to break down as the picked corn ages.  The reason some corn on the cob (aka Wally world) tastes bland and chewy is that it was picked days and days ago.  The other reason is over cooking.  Real sweet corn only takes about three minutes, plunged into rolling boiling water, to cook.  I like mine with just a touch of butter.
Although the girls would love some fresh corn, too much corn is bad for little goat tummies.  Instead they get something better: the green shucks and silks.  Fluffy and Franny dove into leaves with gusto.  Fluffy carefully picked out the silks to eat first, while Franny preferred the tender inner leaves. 

"Yum! Yum! Crunch! Chunch! Thanks Mom!"
Dorothy waited patiently, then helped herself to a bouquet, tossing it about to break off a few choice bits.  Little Jellybean watched her sisters, then took a big crunchy mouthful, bleating gleefully bite after bite.
"those goats are spoiled!"
 Not to be neglected, the girls out in Chickenland also recieved their share: when the people finish their corn, the cobs are given to Missy and her girls to pick clean.  Happy days for all the children in the corn!

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