Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer's bounty

The garden has been productive again this year.  As long as we're able to keep the bunnies at bay, the vegetables will continue to be available.  Yellow and green beans are coming in delicious profusion.  Cold three bean salad is a lovely refreshing side dish and a welcome picnic treat.

 Everyone enjoys a special treat.  As we weed, the Chickenland girls all get the fresh tender leaves that they love so much.  The coarser grasses and Honey Suckle are a delight for the goat girls.  Of course any new food needs to be introduced little at a time.  Otherwise the girls would all have their bellies full of candy, followed by tummy aches and crying babies. 
But for today, a few servings of Honey Suckle is just the treat for all to share.

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