Saturday, September 6, 2014

Buckeyes new home

This week's challenge has been introducing the buckeyes to a new home.  Chickens are creatures of habit.  They like consistency.  They don't like big changes.  When the buckeyes were little, the chick house was just the right size.  Everyone had plenty of space to nest and play.
It's probably fine for two or three girls now, however I feel it's much too small for all the little chickies.
we're BIG chickies now!
After giving it a great deal of thought, DH built a much larger chicken tractor and wheeled it out to where the chicks had been recently located.  They stood as a group off near the chick house taking a long and wary look at the new structure.  ('what's that thing?' 'I don't know.  I'm not going over there.'  You can almost hear them say, 'No really.  This is fine.  We like being crowded together.')  After a day or two, a few brave souls ventured closer, then cautiously creeped up the boardwalk.

They're still adjusting to the new building.  Each night when I call 'Bedbye' they still troop to the chick house.  Eventually, I'm hoping, to put them all to bed in the new tractor.
This may take awhile.

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