Monday, September 8, 2014

The three R's

Ever look at something before throwing it away and think, 'hmmm.  I wonder what else I could do with this?' That's what goes through my mind each time I empty yet another bag of feed.  Many years ago feed sacks were made from plain cotton.  Much later the manufacturers recognized that poor farmers would reuse the cotton sacks to make shirts and other clothing.  Soon afterwards feed and grain were sold in calico cotton sacks.  Today feed sacks are made with a much heavier woven polyester.  This resists tearing and other damage that may occur during transport or storage.
Today's feedsack may not work in a bed quilt but it well may have a new life some place else!  What I came up with was to use these to make wonderful, heavy-duty shopping totes.  They're functional yet cute and should last considerably longer than the cheesy ones available at the local market.  If you want to try this, there are all sorts of great patterns and instructions on the internet.  A good basic pattern with easy to follow instructions can be found here.  Once one gets the basics, making one's own shopping bags from available materials reduces waste and saves the environment.  Don't forget the three R's: reuse, repurpose, recycle. 

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