Friday, October 24, 2014

Buckeyes on the move, part 2

The good news is that at the end of the day, the Buckeyes did indeed go home to the chicken tractor.  The next morning it became clear that we were going to have to put a wee bit of plastic chicken wire across the bottom of the back gate to discourage our little wanderers from coming into the main yard.  Aside from digging up flower beds, rearranging bark mulch, and coming up on the deck to peck at the patio window (which drove the dog nuts) it was entertaining to see them running about.
Hey!  I can see Mom in there!
The Buckeyes are feeling like big chickies, willing to brave the world and go exploring.  On the upside that means that they don't tend to over graze the area where the tractor is parked.  On the down side is that sometimes they get lost and need mom to guide them home again.  Much to the amusement of our neighbor, when I spotted the gang heading for the goat barn, I walked over to Bucky and Rudy to ask where they were going.
After a bit of fluffing and stomping of feet (that's rooster for 'We're in charge here'), the girls gathered together and slowly followed me back within eye sight of the tractor.  It was funny to watch everyone drop her head and run for the house.  Guess that 500 foot adventure was enough.  Today, everyone seems content to stay well within eye sight of home.
There was a little surprise waiting for us this morning at Buckeye manor.  That wee little egg on the left, which is about half the size of a normal hen's egg, is a pullet egg.  When young hens start laying they produce very small eggs.  The buckeyes are of age to start laying so we're expecting to find more of these soft tan nuggets.

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