Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just take the picture

Thought I would share this with you for a moment:  anyone who has a family, knows how hard it is to get everyone in the picture looking good.  Just as the picture is about to snap someone is going to tug, push, or put a finger some place you don't want saved for history.  Taking pictures about the farm is no different.
Look!  A helicopter!
Just as you think everyone is lined up and looking good, a distraction appears.
Is that a bunny?  I think I saw a bunny!  I don't know, bunnies are kinda scary.  Did that bucket just move?
and, of course, there are other distractions:
OW!  don't pull my tail!
It's not just getting the kids lined up, sometimes the photographer has an issue.  Such as backing into a hole.
Let's not forget the little show offs, that want to be in every picture and have mom's undivided attention:
Look Mom!  Look how high I am!  Wanna see me jump off?  Are you looking?  Mom? MMAAAAA!
One of the nice things about digital cameras is that one can take lots of pictures and immediately see, who's been good and who's been busy.  Just keep snapping and maybe by the end of the day, you too will have one or two to share...

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