Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random Musings, part 1

"What are you doing?"
How many times have people asked me this question?  I usually hear it when I'm doing something that they themselves hadn't thought of.

The Scoop: I needed a scoop to help transfer chicken feed.  The quick answer was to take an empty heavy duty vinegar bottle (one gallon), cut the jug at a diagonial for an instant scoop with a handle.  I did something similar years ago when I needed a funnel to fill a tube shaped birdfeeder.  Using a quart sized bleach bottle, the scoop made it easy to ladle the birdseed from the bag, then by removing the cap, the seed would easily flow into the tube, filling it. 
One just has to be extra careful when cutting it out (use scissors and go slow).

Yummy stuff: This year has been a good year for pickles.  Although we have put up around four gallons of various types of canned pickles (hot water bath, sealed in the jar), we also have some lovely refrigerator pickles.  These are so quick and easy to do.   They can provide a low calorie, cool treat on a hot day.  
As you look at this picture you'll note all space below the floating pickles.  Hard to believe that this jar was absolutely jam packed with cucumbers just a couple of weeks ago.  As the pickles cured, the salt and vinegar drew the moisture from them, causing them to shrink and shrivel.  There's a product on the market called 'Pickle crisp' which will prevent the pickles from looking quite so wrinkly.  These taste wonderful.  They just don't look quite as pretty as they might.

Bedbye: As the rounders have gotten older, they are acting more and more like the grown ups.  They have learned:
When I come by, knock on the door, and announce, 'Housekeeping' that means for them to go out into the yard and not get under foot while I try to clean chickenland.
A steady call from me at the gate, 'back back back' means to move away from the gateway to the yard, cause I have some treats to share.  (And anyone who ducks under the gate and heads for the pasture will find himself without his buddies.  Fortunately, Mom is there to the rescue, to gently scoop up the lost lamb and return him to the fold.  And, yes, I'm talking about you Buster...).
At the end of the day, when it's time for little chickies to be tucked in for bed, there's always two or three (usually Amy,  Dusty, and Jet) that just want to play outside a little longer.
 "Bed-bye!" is the signal for all little chickies to head inside.  Usually, they're pretty good about it with only a minimal amount of whining.  My husband just shakes his head and laughs.

So what did you find today that made you pause, smile, and laugh?

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