Thursday, August 29, 2013

Something pretty I wanted to share, Part 8

Sunrise before the storm
Some heavy rainstorms came blowing through here not too long ago.  After clearing away the limbs and branches that came down, we had time to notice that the pastures had come into bloom.  Some of the flowers are easily recognizable.  Others are a little more challenging.  The most common of the purple flowers is purple loosestrife.  Like so many other invasives, this was introduced a number of years ago as an ornamental.  Now it is found all over the state, taking over wetlands where allowed to proliferate.
Roadside Bouquet
spotted touch-me-not
The spotted touch-me-not is a tiny, orange flowered ornimental.  One has to look close to see the details of this delicate little gem.  Although there are many, many flowers on each plant, the flower itself is only about the size of a fingernail.  This plant gets its name from the explosive quality of its seedpods.  One only has to barely touch the pod and seeds come blowing out every where!
The cool weather has also brought out some of the critters that usually stay hidden.  While out on our morning walk we were joined by this little guy.  The red spotted Newt is very common where the water is clean and there's lots of wormy snacks to enjoy.  This one is just a baby or elft.  When the newt becomes an adult, it loses its bright orange color and becomes a rather dull olive green.
This has been a summer without  butterflies.  You can count the number I've seen on one hand.  This tiger swallowtail is showing signs of its age.  Its wings are tattered.  It was slow to respond as I approached to take its picture.  I hope that this is just an off year and not signs of things to come.
end of the day

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