Thursday, August 15, 2013

What to do with it all

So here's the scenario: after a long winter, huddled up with your seed catalogs, dreaming of warmer days, you suffered from a combination cabin fever/garden withdrawal.  The desire for those lovely fresh vegetables cause your brain to derail and suddenly boxes of seeds are arriving at your doorstep. 

As the ground warms, you hurry to push those little promises into the soil, enticed by those lusty images of large moist vegetables pictured on each package.  Dutifully you weed and water and nurse each precious spout.
Then one morning it happens: you walk out to discover that the garden has transformed itself into a jungle.  Delicate cucumbers and zuchinis  now look more like sporting equipment and billy clubs.  Instead of two or three lovely tomatoes, you are counting the buckets as you haul gallon after gallon into the kitchen.  Freezing and canning can help preverve the summer.
Remember you don't have to freeze whole fruits.  You can also prepare sauces or make whole dishes to freeze and enjoy later.
The following are a few favorites:
Zuchini Latkes
Chocolate Zuchini Cake
Cauliflower pickles

If you have some favorites, please feel free to forward them on to me!  We're always on the look out for new taste treats!

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