Saturday, July 19, 2014

Endless hours of entertainment: Doelings

Doelings.  That's what those little goat girls are called among the folks that raise goats for a living.  I call them better entertainment than anything found on TV. Let's introduce the girls:
Big Fluffy
 Big Fluffy is exactly that: she's the oldest by about two weeks yet it amazes me how much bigger she is compared to the other girls.  She's never been shown so she sports a natural coat.  The hair is long and fluffy and feels akin to the hair on a Saint Bernard.  As the eldest, she's taken on the role of herd leader when I'm not around.
 Dorothy and Franny are twins.  Both are friendly and like being in the middle of the action. They also were the first ones to figure out the secret of the magic pink bucket.  When you hear the sound of someone patting the bottom of the magic pink bucket, come running, and you'll get a treat of sweet feed.  More about sweet feed later.
 The youngest and smallest, is little Jellybean.  What she lacks in size she makes up for in vocalizations.  One can be at the back of the orchard or down the road, if Jellybean is displeased about something, you'll hear her.  Jelly is also very sweet, ready for snuggles and scratches.
Every morning, before going outside to graze and play, the girls get a good breakfast of plain goat pellets and sweet feed.  Sweet feed is a mix of pellets, oats and other grains blended together with molasses.  It tastes a lot like sugar smacks.  I can understand why they vacuum it up whenever it's offered.
While the weather is cool and pleasant, the girls spend most of the day outside.  The pastures are rich and full of delicious goodies waiting for a hungry goat to come by.   To ensure that the pastures don't get over grazed, the girls are rotated to new pastures each week.  Their favorite toys, which seems to be anything they can climb and jump off of, are brought along. 
We're teaching them their words, like everyone else.  They've learned, 'Breakfast', 'Go to the barn', and, most importantly, 'Bed bye'.  At the end of the day, when everyone is heading off to their little hay beds, we wish them 'Bed bye' before giving them their final pats as a kiss good night.  Another big day at My Happy Acres.

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