Monday, July 21, 2014

Up on the house top, the goat feet pause...

Wanted to share this: DH made a wonderful little shade shelter for the girls.  This morning, while configuring their new pasture, the shelter was hauled from the work barn to the field.  Just after breakfast, the girls headed out to investigate their new grazing area.  Within minutes, Jellybean was up on the roof (and jumping off), Fluffy was seeing if she could push it around by rubbing against it, and the twins were trying to decide who was going to be first to investigate this new thing.
Hi MOM!  Can you see us?  Can you? MAAAAAAA! Look how high we are!
I wonder how long it will be before they realize that the goat hut was put out there to give them a little shade during the day?  right now it seems to be just a great toy to climb on.

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