Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Peeps go camping

The chicks have been growing like Topsy.  In as little as two months they have reached about half their adult size.  The weather has been mostly beautiful for them.  Warm pleasant days followed by mild evenings is just the ticket to grow happy chicks.
Because they've been growing so fast, we've been expanding the chick yard in a sometimes feeble attempt to keep up.  To further protect them from the harsh summer sun, we carefully draped shade cloth over their hoop and play yard.  A neighbor recently commented that with the chick tractor set up reminded her of when her children were little they would push chairs together and toss a blanket or sheet over them to play 'camp out'.
The little campers are wheeled to new locations around the farm about once a week.  This gives them fresh grass to nibble all the while protected from threats. 
Buckeye chicks strutting like big girls
Still, when night comes, everyone goes bed-bye, roosting up safe in the tractor for the night, resting up for another big day tomorrow.

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