Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy New Year to all our Asian Friends!

It's the year of the goat or the ram, and everybody knows what that means!  A good day to enjoy the company of friends and good food.
Ram? Really? You just know it's all about me!
BTW: just a tid bit of trivia: some will say that this is the year of the Ram, some will say Sheep, and some will say Goat.  They are all correct.  The Chinese word for the eighth animal of the Chinese zodiac is 'Yang'.  Yang is the generic word for any animal in the sheep/goat family (read more <here>).  It's kinda like when you hear an American call an animal a Cow.  He's probably not referring to the breed or sex of a particular ox, just a generic reference to that animal type.

So Happy New Year Everybody!

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