Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter snows

January wasn't too bad except for a few wicked cold days.  February, on the other hand, has been an experience in finding out how many layers can you put on before it becomes difficult to move.  Seasonal snow storms that came blowing off Lake Ontario late last week didn't clear until early this morning.  We have around 16 inches of snow on the ground at the moment with air temps hovering in the minus range of the thermometer.
Animal Barn 150214

Sgt Preston and Yukon King
The best way to get around when snows are this deep, is probably the snowshoes or following someone wearing snowshoes.  Walking on top of the snow, or at least within the first six inches, is so much easier than disappearing into the drifts. 
The sun came out about mid-morning as if daring the winter weary out to enjoy the snow.  Like some kind of bazaar practical joke, the wind blows up one's coat tail, reminding us that sometimes it's best to enjoy winter from the comfort of one's livingroom.

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