Thursday, June 30, 2016

When did you say you were due? Adventures with Fluffy, 2016

Fluffy is approaching her due date so we're keeping a weather eye on her.  Every time she makes the slightest grunt, we jump and check on her.  I suspect she's now grunting for her own amusement (hey, girls! watch this: GRUNT!  Did you see how fast they jumped? ha! ha! let me do it again!).
I'm ready for my snack!
 It's so good to have purpose in one's life.....
Meanwhile, the boys are growing fast and soon will be ready to strike out on their own.  Constantly exploring and playing, the bigger girls sometimes will join in the fun.  Aunt Dorothy plays the goat version of Hide-and-go-seek which appears to consist of the boys hiding their heads behind a large object (while their other ends stick out like warning flags) while Dorothy walks around and around until someone is found.  Once found the hider races about gleefully bleating then goes and hides again...usually in the same place as before.
Peek-a-boo!  Where's Lightning?  Where could that boy have gone?
One just has to pause, watch, and smile.

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