Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Update on Queen Fluffy, 2016

No, Ms Fluffy hasn't had her babies yet.  The hostages are due to be released for another few days but still we have her on watch.
Dad-gum it! Can't reach that itchy spot!
Fortunately I still serve a purpose in her life: reaching & scratching itchies, providing cookie support, shoo-ing away any bugs (or bucklings) that are bothering her...   To keep her spirits up, her sisters have also been helpful.
Fluffy?  All you need is a new hat and you'll right as rain!
Everyone has been grazing for awhile before laying down and enjoying a summer day.  The boys have plenty of toys to play on.  If they start to bother Fluffy a little too much, their mom or even Aunt Dorothy will give them a nudge and off they go to find other adventures elsewhere.
We'll continue to keep tabs on Ms Fluffy, hoping for happy, healthy babies soon!

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