Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gardening 101: Helpers

As we head out to the garden each day don't forget to get your loved ones involved.  Children can pick up rocks, pull weeds, or help inspect plants for creepy crawlers and first fruits.  No hands are too small that there may be a task to fit.
The rains were welcome earlier this week.  All the trees, berries, and garden had a deep drink.  The pasture grasses are coming in thick and strong.  Part of gardening is keeping the weeds at bay.  Sometimes this is an easy task such as just after a rain when the weeds easily slip from the ground.  Sometimes it is more labor intensive such when one procrastinates and suddenly the garden is over grown.

Fortunately I have a good helper.  She likes to come outside and play in the garden.  She's good at loosening up the dirt and scratching up the weed sprouts.  And did I mention? She's a chicken.

Wee Chick was injured a couple of weeks ago when she fell off a high roost.  She's about half the size of her siblings and although she wants to run and play just as much as the rest of them, no one seems to want to play with Wee Chick.  She now has a safe place to sleep while she gets better and gets to join Mom in the garden to help.
Today we pulled weeds, took care of a few bugs, and Wee Chick enjoyed a few worm snacks.  Leafy greens are excellent for chickens and since we use no chemicals, we have little to worry about as she or her siblings scratch and enjoy green treats.
Such a good helper.  Little more work to do but when you have a little friend to lend a hand (or foot) the time passes quickly. 

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