Friday, June 1, 2012

Today's readings

this morning has had all sorts of interesting stuff to read.

About the Bees:
I had wondered about this.  some of the old guys at the orchards said that one should harvest honey in Spring.  in that way the bees have enough to carry them for the winter and the hive will be healthier in the long run.  when I look at how much of the commercial honey is harvested it gives me pause.  Honey has all sorts of good stuff in it including enzymes that boost immunity and aide in wound healing.  to say that giving bees diluted corn syrup as a substitute for harvested honey seems contrary to common sense.  but what do I know?  I have no experience in this.  but I keep reading...

Bees in wild Blackberries
On the other hand, something I do have a wee bit of experience with is eggs.  there are so many pluses about eating eggs.  it was nice to see someone write up all these benefits:

the day is pretty overcast.  I have my fingers crossed for soft steady rains.

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