Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spring Wildlife

Spring is a season full of wonderful surprises to those who keep their eyes open.  Tiny Cottontails are chasing their mom around the pasture.  A whitetail doe carefully hides her fawns in the grass.  Many, many birds are on nest or fledging.
American Woodcock
Now here is your test: in the center of this picture is an American Woodcock.  While coming back across the pasture to pick up some more fence posts, we came apon this little lady sitting patiently on her nest.  We have heard them in the twilight however had not yet come to recognize their call for what or who was making it.

Birds and animals will come where they can find food, shelter, and feel safe.  This is something to think about when encouraging or discouraging wildlife in your area. Give up on where little bird is hiding?  look to the center of the picture for her eye.  she is facing right, bill down, and her wings are folded across her back to the left. 


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