Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wild Blackberries

Just a head's up everyone!  Blackberries are ripening up and soon will be ready.  We keep our blackberries that grow close to the barn trimmed back.  This helps control the briar and encourages larger berries.

One of my fondest childhood memories was picking wild blackberries for my grandmother's blackberry cobbler.  It took a lot of berries but was worth the effort.

Now, just a note about foraging and wild foods: before you pick, always ask the land owner for permission.  Just because something is growing along a fence row does not necessarily mean it's for the public to share.  Also the land owner can also tell you if the plants have been sprayed.  For years the highway departments and railways have sprayed along easements to reduce vegatation.  Although this practice has been reduced it has not been eliminated in many areas.  Be aware.

Please also remember that birds and other wildlife depend on wild foods for their dinners.  When you pick remember to always leave some behind for them.

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