Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sunrise in Central New York

The storms have passed for the day creating a beautiful sunrise.  Every morning we are greeted by a variety of birdsongs.  Mourning doves, robins, song sparrows, even a Baltimore Oriole has chimed in.  Of course our roosters also have to have their say but we'll leave that for another day. 

Remember that just because a bird may be dressed in drab colors doesn't necessarily mean that its tongue has not been tipped with gold.  I keep my Peterson's guide near the back door to identify the type of bird by sight.  I then later look up the bird online to connect the song to the feathered beastie.  For example, there is a song sparrow who has a nest near the kitchen garden.  want to hear him?

We enjoyed those first juicy treats earlier this week when the first strawberries were ripe and ready.  The mild weather has been a blessing.   All the berries have been thriving.  Although we have had a bit of an issue with a profusion of bunny rabbits so far the strawberries have been doing well.

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