Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chicks and more chicks

Hi!  My name is Dingy.  I hatched out a couple of weeks ago along with some of my brothers and sisters.  It's sad that they weren't as strong as I was and even though I was born with a little leg trouble.
Momma says that she was learning about how to hatch eggs and said that she had been advised to set the incubator temps at 99.5 and humidity at around 50 or 60%.  I don't know what that means.  All I know is a lot of my sibs seemed to have trouble hatching and I was born a little gimpy.  The condition is called splayed leg where the chick's legs are stretched out so that she can't stand up quite right.  Momma splinted my legs with a bandaide for a few days.  Now I'm right as rain.
This is my brother, Toby.  He's a lot bigger that me.  I can't imagine how big the egg was that he came from.  He keeps an eye on things and when I get into trouble or need help, goes to get mom to look in on things.  I know I'm safe when he's on alert.

Another batch of eggs is in the incubator.  We should know if I get to have more brothers and sisters in a few weeks.  I can hardly wait!

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Sarah Lynn said...

So sorry some of the chicks didn't make it, Rebecca. I sure hope the next batch is more successful!