Saturday, April 6, 2013


Last night one of the babies announced herself from the incubator.  Peeking in, all the eggs seem to be sitting in the same spots where I had put them however one in particular has been especially noisy.  I find myself thinking back on one of our cockerels who constantly whined in his little chicky way.  This one however quiets down and cheeps more softly when I talk with it.

6:00 am -- no one has yet come out to play.  It's certainly noisy in there!
6:40 am -- the first little chick has come tumbling out of the egg.  Letting the baby rest while chatting away at the other eggs.  (shell marked A13)
12:00 PM -- two other eggs are making noises while baby (A13) sleeps and dries out

3:00 pm --  A13 is nearly all dry.  If you look over baby's back you'll see where one of the siblings is working its way out into the world.  It's funny to watch an egg suddenly burst into activity, rolling this way and that.
5:45 pm -- hatching is exhausting business. Two more eggs now have little peep holes and periodically have little bills protrude from them for the occupants to loudly announce their presence.  Watching baby has reminded me of when the others came home a little over a year ago.  Chicks have two settings: on & off.  They'll be scurrying around doing their little chicky business when suddenly they'll stop and fall over, sound asleep.  This goes on for about a week or two before they settle down into a reasonable routine.  But in the meantime. . .

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Sarah Lynn said...

I love reading your stories, Rebecca. Aren't those chickies just the cutest little things?