Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hatching Day two

Watching the eggs roll round and round, as soft peeping rises from them time-to-time.  The little fuzzball (A13) is still working on keep feet to earth.  Apparently it's a wobbly world.  We're setting up a nursery for the babies, starting inside the house and will gradually move them out as the weather warms.
6am -- the two eggs that had little windows in them last night are still rolling back and forth.  The holes are a little bigger and one can clearly see that the chicks are working to open a bigger door.

12pm -- One of the eggs that started hatching last night looks like the chick may have lost its fight.  Will continue to keep watch.  Meanwhile another egg has a new window in it.
Keeping Watch
2:30 pm -- Was looking at some of the other eggs and wondered when and if they too will hatch.  Back on the 28th, I had candled the eggs with the following results:

A - strong blood vessels otherwise too dark to tell
B - bloodline. infertile (removed)
C - same as A w/ large air sack
D - same as A, lots of whiggling
E - same as D
F - feet can be clearly distinguished
G - too dark to determine
H - same as G
I - can see outline of feet, some whiggling
J - Feet and dark blood vessels
K - light blood vesseling
L - strong blood vessels, prune size shadow (chick?)
M - strong blood vessels, lots of whiggling
N - same as M
O (11) - same as M
P (6) - same as M
Q (DD10) - same as M

A was the first to hatch.  The other three that I can clearly see, I can't see the ID on yet.  (have been told to fuss with the hatchlings while they work their way out.  which also means to keep the lid on and no peeking.)

5 pm - seems to be a lot of discussion taking place among the hatchlings in their shells but I get the sense that they are all having second thoughts.

I Won’t Hatch!
Shel Silverstein
Oh I am chickie who lives in an egg,
But I will not hatch.
The hens they cackle, the roosters all beg,
But I will not hatch, I will not hatch.
For I hear all the talk of pollution and war
As the people all shout and the airplanes roar,
So I’m staying in here where it’s safe and it’s warm,
From Shel Silverstein. Where the Sidewak Ends. New York: Harper and Row, 1974. page 127.

Being patient.  It can take 48 hours for a chick to get out of its shell...

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