Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring chores

A small dent was made in the list of Spring To Do's.  When the rain isn't coming down is sheets and buckets, it's rather nice to get outside and take care of business.
The daffodils are springing up every where the soil is rich and moist.  Last year we found some growing along the Northwoods drainage ditch.  Although we left most of them to enjoy the next year, we did dig up a few large bulbs to replant along side our front walkway.  The walkway bulbs will probably be blooming around the time those in the woods start to fade.

The garden continues to expand.  We're doing our best to keep it from getting too large and unmanageable, remembering first that we other things that need our attention besides the garden.  Throughout the winter, we set aside the chicken leavings to mellow and compost.  This was periodically turned over until, finally, the day came that we could use it on our gardens.  Big fleshy worms tumbled out by the shovelfuls as we carted and dumped wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow out where the tomatoes and green beans will call home.  Composting may not be romantic but it is certainly gratifying to know that one's soil amendments are so rich and healthy.
 Side note:  when composting, if the pile has been turned regularly, and given enough water and air, it should not smell sour or stinky but rather loamy or like wet dirt.  According the Farmer's Almanac, It takes between 45 and 60 days for chicken manure to compost, depending on conditions and it's always a good idea to blend it with other amendments such as plant material and top soils. 

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