Monday, April 22, 2013

It must be Spring

The weather has been so particular lately.  Saturday morning started out reasonably pleasant, around 40 degrees (F).  For us, that's t-shirt weather so we were looking forward to a lovely day out working in the orchard and gardens. 

By 8am, the winds had picked up and rain quickly turned to snow.  Unbelievable.  By Sunday morning, the snow was completely gone as the grounds began to warm once again.  The crocus faded just as quickly, being rapidly replaced with bluebells and other lovelies.
Today is Earth Day.  Traditionally one celebrates this holiday by planting a tree.  I'm not expecting to pick up my next batch of trees until later this week (or maybe next week), so today will be celebrated by planting blueberry bushes and raspberries.

Please participate with friends and family in your local Earth Day events.  Plant trees, pick up litter, help reclaim an area for nature.  The future will thank you.

Hatching update: the third batch of eggs was candled yesterday.  16 out of 26 eggs show signs of veining and only a few have egg shells too dense to determine their status.  The temperature has been a pretty steady 102(f) at 60% humidity.  Dingy continues to grow and explore. Her wing feathers are coming in nicely.  It's only a matter of time before I'll need to put a screen over the top of the nursery box to discourage her flying about the mudroom.  When the weather warms, I hope to have a small gang of chicks out helping me in the garden.  Guess I need to build a small chicken tractor so they'll have a safe place to go at night.

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