Thursday, June 6, 2013

How does your garden grow?

In a little less than a week, the seeds that were put in the ground are now bursting forth!  This year we've planted both yellow and green beans in the same plot that had been used for squash last year.

After hoeing in some compost to add rich organic matter to the soil, and, of course, removing as much rock as we could, the plot was leveled out and planted.  Just a reminder: those silly Popsicle sticks and string to mark your rows with be a godsend to you when starting to weed or til.  Whereas beans are fairly easy to discern from weed seeds, other seedlings, such as carrots, are not.
Over in the orchard, the apple trees continue to bloom.  It appears that the late frost may have effected the Jonnagolds, however the late blooming Honey Crisp are still going strong.
The sweet cherry trees are also doing well this year.  We may see a small crop from the trees planted just last year!  Provided, of course, that we can keep the birds off.  Never a dull moment.  Further adventures to come!

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