Saturday, June 1, 2013

Something Pretty I wanted to share, part 3

What does Spring smell like to you?  When I was growing up, we had a large lilac bush growing outside my bedroom window.  In the Spring it would produce a profusion of large purple blossom heads.  In the early morning I would glide my window open just to enjoy the scent on the breeze that would fill my room.  There I would sit and watch little birds flitting among the branches until the rest of the family stirred and it was time for breakfast.

When I grew up, I traveled to all different parts of the US.  Each town, city, and green space had it's own character.  One place in central Wisconsin even smelled a bit like cows.  It made me smile when my host commented on how much he loved the smell of Spring.  No complaints.  I like cows.

Honey Locust
Each week as I take my morning walk, I notice what is blooming and what has faded.  As the breeze shifts, a new fragrance wafts my way.  The winds turn and I'm caught in a flurry of small petals.  So what does Spring smell like to you?  Wet grass after a cool rain?  A special flower that only blooms for a short while?  Enjoy these moments.  Summer will be here soon.

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