Friday, June 14, 2013

Something pretty I wanted to share, #4

Guess this is becoming a habit, a lovely habit, but still...

It's been raining a lot lately so the blossoms that I so love to find and share with you are only around for a brief, fleeting moment.  Then the rain comes and it all washes away.
Alongside a sunny stretch of a tributary that runs along our propertyline, these white flowers suddenly appeared.  Each blossom was about the size of the palm of your hand.  They reminded me of the wild roses that grew near my grandmother's house when I was little.  I'm unsure just what these are but soon as I find out, will pass it on to you.
Remember the tulip poplar's seed pod that I found last fall?  While walking in the wood, just after one of the storms, we found where some blossoms had blown down.  I don't know if this variety of tree has blossoms all over or if they only appear high in the branches beyond my line of sight.  So finding this was a special treat.

If you look very close you'll see that the pistil (the female part of the flower) looks like a tiny yellow seedpod.  Reminded me of those pine tree flowers that looked like tiny red pinecones. 

One of the roses we rescued last year is still waiting to be transplanted.  Although it had struggled where it had previously lived, it's thriving in its temporary pot.  Still wondering where it's final home will be.

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