Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Rounders grow up

The Rounders have all left the nursery and moved into the main house out in Chickenland.  Like other kindergartners they need guidance.  While some of the older hens lose patience with the babies from time-to-time, others appear to enjoy taking on the roll of the doting Aunties.
It's hard to imagine that only a month ago they were tumbling out of their shells ready to greet the world. As the days pass, each of their personalities becomes more apparent.  Domino looks more and more like her mother, Inky, yet her sister, Jet, is more likely to get into mischief.
Domino being groomed by Dusty will Ida looks on
Jet is getting more of the cinnamon color of her father, with the black background.  The brindle coloration make it difficult to find her sometimes.  At the end of the day, we have to be extra careful that no one gets locked out for the night.

Amy continues to be the sweetest in the lot.  Like her mom, Missy, she's calm and self assured. She and Buster are already trying out the roost, much to Pip's anxiety as he's still a bit too small to jump quite that high.  Fortunately, Dingy is there to comfort Pip and tuck him under her wing.

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