Friday, May 31, 2013

Introductions: the Rounders meet the rest of the family

Last year when the second batch of chickens met the first, it took a little over a week before things finally settled down and were nice and quiet in Chickenland.  We were braced and ready for feathers to fly when the Rounders were introduced.

The Rounders have been growing up happy and healthy.  In no time it seems, they have outgrown their nursery.  It was finally time to transfer them to their chickbox and introduce them to the rest of the family.  So late last night, just before the girls turned in for the evening, we moved the chickbox into the hen house.  The Rounders were very excited about their new digs, as was the rest of the family about the new bit of 'furniture' that had been added to their living room.  We left the front door of the chickbox closed for the night, deciding that perhaps it would be best to keep the peace at least for the evening.

In the morning, just after dawn, Chickenland was openned for business.  Soon after, the chickbox door was openned.  I sat quietly by, watching how everyone interacted.  Amy was the first to move toward the doorway, then out to explore the floor of the henhouse.  Interesting enough, the adult hens all clustered under Sandy while Junior approached and watched the chicks.  She was soon followed by Robin and Jet.

One by one, the chicks tucked out until all that was left was Dingy and Pip.  About five minutes passed before Lil Miss tentitively moved toward the chicks.  With her curiousity satisfied, she went back to scratching for some fallen crumbles.
The adults milled around a little, then seemed to lose interest and decided to go outside.  I'm still keeping a weather eye out but so far so good. 

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